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Off-Topic Section Rules

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Off-Topic Section Rules Empty Off-Topic Section Rules

Post  Lotims Tue Oct 08, 2013 3:46 pm

These are definite rules that all users must follow when posting on the Off-Topic Section
If any topics break the rules and are deemed useless, they will be locked and deleted: 

1. Don't overflow the forum with Forum Games
       -What this means is if you see several game threads, don't 
        create another one unless it is vastly different than the other threads. If you are unsure if there are too many
        forum game topics, then contact a moderator or administrator. 

2. Don't post "screw around" threads. As this takes up unnecessary space.
    EX: "Screw around thread v4 Thisisme Edition"

3. No posting threads pertaining to internet drama
    EX: "How come [member] is so stupid!@?"   (Exception are possible, if deemed by moderator or administrator) 

4. No posting troll threads. 
    EX: You don't need an example

4. No flamewars

5. Make sure your topic has a point to it when posting

6. Family drama threads are okay, as they help users get help from others.

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