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Recordings, Notes, Documents...

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Recordings, Notes, Documents... Empty Recordings, Notes, Documents...

Post  Lotims Sun May 18, 2014 12:55 am

Here is a compiled list of where people can post ideas for documents, audio recordings, and notes. Make sure to use the following format: 

TYPE [Document, audio recording, or note]

LOCATION [Description of the area it would potentially be found in. EX: Janitors closet with the floor covered in blood. Ripped up body in the corner...]

DIALOGUE [Anything that would be heard/read within the content] 

Below are some added types by the community. Feel free to add on by posting below in the above format. 


Cassete Recording #1

TYPE: Audio Recording

LOCATION: Hallway with bodies/infected flesh surrounding the area. 

(when you play the cassette, it starts off with static and shooting)
This is... Field Agent Jason...from the SCP and my squad were sent here...because of a breach...*laughs weakly* they never told us of what had breached...never thought it would be god damned zombies...most of my squad was squad leader is currently being tore apart my those things...I'm the only one left...well...I guess this it it...(at this point, screaming and moaning should be heard in the distance, like a horde of the infected coming closer* I got nothing to defend myself...fuck you Foundation...(tape ends)


Radio Recording 

TYPE: Audio Recording

LOCATION: Heard when tuning in on the radio

Oh name is Albert...and I-I-I...oh FUCK! *static, followed by screams and groans and someone falling on the floor*

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Recordings, Notes, Documents... Empty Re: Recordings, Notes, Documents...

Post  Night Shadows Sun May 18, 2014 2:42 pm

TYPE Audio Recording

LOCATION Inside Barracks near dead body with bullet hole through brain

DIALOGUE I know I'm going to die, I know I can't prevent it. Whoever the fuck finds this, know this, it can't be stopped. It will continue to expand, continue to consume everything, and we're just a minor occurrence to it.
*gunshot noise*
Night Shadows
Night Shadows

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Recordings, Notes, Documents... Empty Re: Recordings, Notes, Documents...

Post  JJF Thu Jul 31, 2014 4:16 pm

Type: Document

Location: Random, near a house


Date: 5/05/69
We've confirmed the new SCP. This shit is scary, man. I suggest we terminate. 

-Dr. Jackson

Type: Document

Location: Random, research center


Date: 8/05/69
Always the worrywort, Jackson. Think of the potential, not the risk.



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Recordings, Notes, Documents... Empty Re: Recordings, Notes, Documents...

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