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Idea-The Chaos Insurgency

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Idea-The Chaos Insurgency  Empty Idea-The Chaos Insurgency

Post  JJF Sat Mar 02, 2013 11:43 am

This is a visual idea, and, maybe a new enemy could be added. We all know about the Insurgency (I made a wiki of them), and, I think that they would learn about 610, and try to go after it, try to steal some of the viral component, and do whatever they wanted.

Let us say, they failed, and got many of their own infected. So, alongside the MTF infected, which could be wearing SCP foundation bulletproof vests, The Insurgency ones would be wearing C.I vests, and maybe there could be a few uninfected, which would fight the uninfected MTF and the infected everything. I really do not know what the Insurgency insignia would look like, so, the artists can do was you want with that.



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