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Mobile Task Force Beta-7 (aka "Maz Hatters") John

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Mobile Task Force Beta-7 (aka "Maz Hatters") John  Empty Mobile Task Force Beta-7 (aka "Maz Hatters") John

Post  BJFowLer Tue Feb 12, 2013 3:07 am

 *This document is meant for those with Level 5 Clearance or higher*


    John ██████ :  Age-43: Height-1.90m: Weight-105kg: Hair-Black (greying): Eye Color-Hazel:Race-Mixed. Nickname-Bear
    Service Report:  ██████ joined the Foundation after his wife and child were killed in the cross fire between the splinter group ██████  ██████  and Foundation Operatives,he witnessed the event after returning from his military term. During the confusing of the firefight Fowler turn on the  ██████  ██████  in a blind rage picking up a nearby weapon he opened fire terminating them.  The Foundation recognized his combat ability and offered him the choice of becoming a Foundation guard or termination. He took the former, after showing further ability in combat he was giving the rank of Sargent of Mobile Task Force Beta-7. After 10 years of service he now holds the rank of Captain. 

     He is highly devoted to the Foundation but has been known to disobey orders; he also shows to have issues with his emotional stability "Possibly due to the death of his wife and child."  He shows little concern for his own well being, going out of his way to help those he respects and do what he considers the right thing. It should be noted while his is highly devoted to the Foundation, he highly dislikes having to kill civilians and often will not do so; unless ordered by a commanding officer. When concerning the ██████   ██████ he is very brutal and reckless;it's highly advised that he is kept away from operations that he may encounter them. He is a highly valued and dedicated soldier despite these flaws.

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Mobile Task Force Beta-7 (aka "Maz Hatters") John  Empty Re: Mobile Task Force Beta-7 (aka "Maz Hatters") John

Post  Buttershy Mon Mar 04, 2013 9:31 pm

For exemple : he have a MP5 ( or m16 custom ), Desert Eagle, some grenade, knife and gas mask.

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