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Infected stages

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Infected stages Empty Infected stages

Post  BJFowLer Tue Feb 12, 2013 12:29 am

*This document is for those with Level 3 Clearance only*

STAGE 1: Runner
A human who has just turned will not be very difficult to kill. Due to the extreme cold of Russia the infected has not converted much and still looks very human. A gun shot to the head is sufficient to terminate them. However they still retain their motor skills and can move at a very fast pace. They will attempt to bite, cut, or vomit on any uninfected orgaisim they encounter.


STAGE 2: Flesh Walker
At this point in the infection most human traits have evaporated. Firearms now have little effect in lest they are keep under constant fire. They are highly infectious and should be dealt with accordingly. However they have loss most of their motor skills and move at a slow pace. They are able to be over powered in close combat and however doing so will be very difficult and have an instinct to bite towards the neck in an attempt to infect their victim. However only contact with their skin in needed to become infected.


STAGE 3: Flesh Brute
This are some of this most dangerous infected encountered to date. They are a mass of flesh made of multiple bodies, being very hard to kill they should be avoided at all cost. The only means of killing them have been extremely heavy damage to their body or very high temperature fire. It is highly advised they are not to be fought in close combat.


On a further note any new infected encountered are to be listed as Stage 1,Stage 2,or Stage 3. While infected can vary wildly they should still be able to be categorized with these templates.

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Infected stages Empty Re: Infected stages

Post  Gogert777 Tue Mar 05, 2013 11:22 pm

Nice, will this stages need models? bounce cant wait


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Infected stages Empty Re: Infected stages

Post  Mackenzie Mon Jan 26, 2015 2:03 pm

havent we already done this?

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Infected stages Empty Re: Infected stages

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