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Collaboration Index

Post  MonocleBios on Mon May 19, 2014 1:12 am

This topic provides a list of recent topics with discussion and/or work done.


  • Animator Needed


  • Game Music
  • SCP 610 Monster sound samples Updated
  • Sounds / Ambience sounds.

Concept Art

  • Looking for more Concept Artists!
  • Official Game Concept Art
  • Official Unofficial Maz Hatters Symbol Idea Topic


  • [REQUEST] Level Builders


  • [REQUEST] Modelers
  • Creature Models
  • General/Static Models


  • [REQUEST] Unreal Script Programmers


  • 3d textures(Floor, wall, ..)


  • Recordings, Notes, Documents...
  • Subreddit Created

Feel free to PM me if you require any changes.
Should this list get too large, restrictions will apply.

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